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Certyfikaty i normy

The ISO-9001 Quality Management System was introduced in the year 2001.
We own the Product’s source certifi cate FSC® Chain of Custody  (FSC-C023042) – Search for certifed products
in our offer.
The production of plywood for general purposes as well as blockboards production is based on European Standards.
The Plant Laboratory performs continuous production monitoring.
Our plywood meets the requirements of E1 hygienic class according to EN 1084 or formaldehyde emission standards of the CARB Phase 2. 

Interdepartmental Naval and Tropical Medicine Institute of Medical Academy in Gdańsk issued the hygienic attests, which confirm E1 hygienic class.
interior plywood 
exterior plywood 
interior blockboard 
plywood moulders 
Wood Technology Institute in Poznań issued the formaldehyde’s emission tests certificates for all above-mentioned products.