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CNC woodworking

All plywood and blockboard manufactured by Sklejka Orzechowo S.A. can be formatted into smaller components with high accuracy on specialized panel saws.


Our company offers woodworking and formating all kinds of wood based panels on CNC centers. Our machines enable the processing of plywood (flat and formed plywood) in 5-axes.

The maximum size of the workpiece is 3 100 mm × 2 000 mm. The range of working in Z-axis (working height) is 950 mm.

Choosing the right tools, our machines can do most woodworking operations (cutting straight and curved with interpolation in two axes, milling curvilinear with interpolation in three axes, drilling slots and holes, formatting elements 2D and 3D, etc.). In this way we are able to give the plywood a desired shape and to do all the necessary technological holes.

An advantage of CNC machining is to obtain repeatable
shape and the highest quality.