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The standard format of plywood produced by Sklejka Orzechowo is 2 130 mm x 1 250 mm.
We offer panel thickness in the range of 4 to 50 mm. There are both: products of general purpose (interior, exterior) and finished, including:

VENEERED ply– outer surface of plywood is covered with natural veneer (oak or beech). Veneered plywood is used in the manufacture of
high quality furniture;
Formwork ply (film coated and bakelized) is used in costruction to manufacture high-quality formwork;

ANTISLIP PLY – both sides are coated wit phenol film. There is a mesh impression on the right side of the plywood. This product is mainly used for both car and transport industry (trailer and lorry floors, container floors, car decks), as well as working platforms, stages;
FORMED PLY — shaped during process of the high temperature pressing of veneer. There is a possibility of formating on modern CNC
machining centers. It is mainly used in the production of chairs, armchairs and seats.

We offer also:
BLOCKBOARD— its advantage is the lack of internal tension, strength and the ability of any surface fi nishing, including veneering. They are
used in the production of fronts and working tops of furniture, as well as in packaging.