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  • New products in our offer
  • It is 120 years of tradition already!

    We are pleased to present the Sklejka Orzechowo S.A. (Orzecchowo Plywood Works), the oldest plywood factory in Poland,
    established in 1894. 120-year tradition is a guarantee of our experience necessary to meet all your needs. 

Sklejka Orzechowo

Tradition of plywood production since 1894

Our company

We invite you to get to know our company


Here you will learn how the factory in Orzechowowas established and what has happend in its 120-year history.


Manufacture of plywood and blockboard. Meet their properties.


Our services include CNC machining


represent more than a half of our production. We produce annually more than 12 thousand. m3 of plywood. In addition to general purpose plywood we offer:

New products

We introduce some new products that respond to customer demand


Here you will find our latest question as well as information for customers and employees.

Become our supplier

We are looking for suppliers in the supply of raw materials and transport services

years of its existence
per cent of exports
thousand cubic meters of plywood per year
thousand cubic meters joiner plates per year

We would like to share with you our knowledge. The information contained here will help us to work together. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the system of classification of plywood and information well beyond the use of plywood in various industries.In the zone of knowledge we introduce our experience to make easier our mutual cooperation. We invite you to be familiar with the system of grading of plywood, as well as collect information regarding the use of plywood in various industries.

Quality classes Examples of use


We produce it as one of the few factories in Poland


The core of blockboard is made of stripes of sawn wood lamelas (pine) glued together. There are two layers of alder or birch veneer glued to each side of the core.

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Veneered blockboard

On request it is possible to perform veneered blockboard with an outer surface covered with natural veneers

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Door blockboard

Door blockboard is a kind of blockboard. It is constructed of two layers of glued stripes of lamelas, separated and covered by veneer on both sides.

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Door blockboard (NEW!)

On request of the customer, it is possible to cover the surface of the veneer and format to meet customer requirements.

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Wholesale wood materials

Welcome to our store where you can buy not only plywood and boards from our factory, but also other wood products manufacturers, including particleboard, fiberboard or OSB.

Professional supplier of wood-based panels

The offer includes the composition of wood chipboard, OSB, fibreboard, plywood, both domestic production and imported. We guarantee high quality, professional advice and a wide range of services in the field of CNC machining. Learn more: tel. +48 61 43 51 227